Eva Poveda

Dra. Eva Poveda is the Research Group Leader of the Division of Clinical Virology at the Institute of Biomedical Research of A Coruña (INIBIC), (Read More). Her research career has been focused on the study of HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis since 2001. Dra. Poveda has extensive knowledge in molecular biology techniques that have allowed the design and implementation of several diagnostic tools for clinical monitoring of patients with HIV infection and/or viral hepatitis. She has published 125 articles (H-index=28) in major international scientific journals (PubMed) and the results of this work, mainly focused on epidemiological, clinical and virological issues of these infections, have a direct applicability in the clinical management of these patients. Dr. Poveda is member of National and European panels for the study of HIV & viral hepatitis infections and co-author of different guidelines to guide the treatment for HIV and HCV infections (i.e. GESIDA, GEHEP, ESAR). She participates and leads national and international projects, which are pioneers in the field of HIV infection and viral hepatitis. She has directed 4 doctoral thesis: 3 at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and 1 at Universidade de A Coruña (summa cum Laude distinction). Currently she is directing 5 doctoral theses at the Universidad de A Coruña. Her scientific career has been recognized by the LOREAL-UNESCO Foundation in 2012 with the Award For Women in Science Program for her scientific excellence in the field of Life Sciences and her contribution to scientific progress. Moreover, Dra. Poveda actively participates in projects and initiatives for Science Communication and to support Women Scientists.